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A closeup image of a hand holding a handwritten cardboard sign in the air that reads
Black Lives Matter

This afternoon, Memphis Police are scheduled to release body cam footage that shows the brutal beating of Tyre Nichols. Tyre Nichols died of his injuries – adding one more life to the horrifying number of Black lives murdered at the hands of police.

Memphis’ own police chief has said the video includes, “acts that defy humanity.” Though the coverage of Tyre Nichols’ murder will be particularly painful because of its brutality, the uninterrupted trend of police violence should surprise no one. In the entirety of 2022, there were only 9 days when police did not kill people in the U.S. According to Mapping Police Violence, killings by police averaged nearly 100 people per month.

During this moment of national pain, outcry, and retraumatization, we are sharing a suggested list of resources, reminders, and opportunities for protesting, sharing rage, and creating space.

  • Do NOT share the video as a means of expressing your solidarity or outrage. Watching the footage is a personal choice. In an era where many apps are scroll- and feed-based, we discourage you from sharing footage that may trigger and traumatize others chosen not to watch it for their mental well-being.
  • If you choose to protest tonight or this weekend, remember that you have rights. Please use this multi-lingual tool from NILC on our Resource Hub as a refresher. ACLU-NJ also has a handy Protest KYR tool. Remember that above all, "we keep us safe," especially because…
  • Your rights may be violated or may not be enough to keep you safe. Digital surveillance and facial recognition technologies have grown significantly since the racial justice protests of 2020, as have tactics for street closures and corraling.
    • To keep yourself and others safe, wear nondescript clothing, conceal identifiable markers (tattoos, piercings, hair), and do not disclose your name at actions (this includes sign up forms or petitions).
    • Anticipate potential for arrest by letting a love one know where you are and writing contact information or a friend or lawyer on your skin in a not-visible place.
    • Practice situational awareness, especially at intersections, street corners, overhangs, or other places where it could be easy to divide or corral a group.
    • Avoid digital breadcrumbs. It is best to avoid bringing mobile devices altogether or placing them on airplane mode to limit signal tracking or risk of exposing communications. Do not take pictures of others. Never post pictures of others or livestream from an action. Make every effort to conceal others' faces, voices, and visible markers. Use encrypted communication software when necessary.
    • Learn more about protest info security or "infosec” here.
  • Take care of and make space for yourself. As a nation, we are processing Tyre’s murder while still reeling from multiple acts of mass gun violence less than a week prior. It can seem that everywhere we look, Black, Brown, immigrant, and bodies of Color are treated as disposable to policy makeres and the news cycle. It is valid, ok, and completely human to feel exhausted. Below is a short list of resources and readings to prioritize your heart and mind over the coming days:

We know this resource list is incomplete. Please let us know of additional resources you find helpful. Please also share community calls to action, mobilizations, and rallies with us for support and amplification.

Finally, we recognize that no amount of tips, resources, or tools will be enough to heal or protect us from America's deeply rooted systems of racism and mass violence. Today, tomorrow, and every day forward, we stand together with you in our shared fight for justice and liberation.


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